Barb's Birds and Aviary!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Double Doors

Prevent escape.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Morning fun the birds!

Goofin this morning flew into the kitchen and joins me on my shoulder. She wanted to hang out on the faucet till she noticed two strange birds staring at her. She flew back on my shoulder.
More fun with Daphne, Phil, Fred, Tofu and Starion! Daphne flies out of bird room to Tofu's cage, atop it. She guards Tofu and doesn't like Fred in the room. Goes on Fred's cage and starts trouble! I was bringing Starion out, she doesn't fly out of room. To join us in kitchen. Starion is so loveable and is looking me in face while in both my arms. She likes hanging out in corner while I do breakfast dishes. That wasn't happening! Daphne flies to my head and starts trouble! 

 While typing this Phil flew to my head and has been very loving  lol.

All are out in aviary and getting along great! Love my aviaries! Peace now with my moluccan's.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I have some really GREAT news!

I have some really GREAT news

Yesterday I set out to try and fix a computer that I have that crashed a couple years ago. Went to Costco last week and got a new 23" monitor. Taking a gamble it will work. It didn't at first. Did some googling and made a trip to Best Buy and got a plug to convert it to DVI. I know, computer talk. Brought up a blue screen and I started tapping at the "Escape" key. Went to Boot Menu and after a few tries it finally give me a way to get back on my computer using 1st Master was technical!

The blue screen then turned into WINDOW'S VISTA!!!!!

The GREAT news is that I found pictures and video I thought I had lost forever! 

Like these two! 
Or video and pictures of friends coming over and the boys Gus, Gilly, and Gabe on them.
Here sits Dannie with my boys who really liked her and her friend. It was a fun three days! So much to share that I never got around to it...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Crazy I know! I thought I would say Happy Halloween!
I have been playing around with photoshop and Susie Christian's fonts that she gave me to use. I stole the dead gray off the computer and duplicated it lol...I know its not the greatest work, but fun!
My sweet Goofin! Did you know that Susie Christian is her Mom. And she gave her to me to give her a good home with my birds? 

That's Chili! He is now a brush in photoshop! Kinda like a stamp...I can use this on anything that I am working on in photoshop. 

Susie's "Day Of The Dead" bird I just love! 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Decision? What To Do With Daphne Today?

It's Friday and bath day for all the birds! All are out in aviaries and enjoying! As you can see Daphne and Goofin love to preen eachother. Only problem is that Goofing also likes to pull Daphne feathers. Mainly around her face. The question today is what decision should I make. Put Daphne in another aviary so Goofin can't get to her OR let them enjoy the day together and Daphne loses some feathers?

In this "Big Aviary" they do lot's of flying! I made my decision!

Sorry if I don't write much...I want to share my birds and aviary life but don't have time to sit and write. Youtubes are easy to download from phone then a little editing and pictures show what I want to share. I am on a time schedule and have to go to work. Stay tuned for the next blog. I bathe the horses while birds bathe!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Look in corner of aviary and you will see Starion
Starion and Me out in aviary...She is loving me on my shoulder.

Thank you!