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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Science Explains Why This Viral Barking Cockatoo Video Isn't a Hoax

Friday, June 17, 2016

Excessive Heat Warning!

It's Friday! Friday the birds get bathes! All out in the aviaries with the sprayer from hose. Not just any hose though. It's a RV hose to contain bacteria. They all took to it and then after I went in aviary/aviaries with them. Cuddled and preened and enjoyed eachother's company!

George! What you looking at?

Desi with Phil and George behind him.


Tofu and Peaches bath in small aviary together preen and share the sun together!

Me with Daphne, Ronnie and Peaches on my lap.

Fun Day!

As I said it's Friday. 6/17 and the weather is going to change drastically! Today is in 90's.  Sunday 104. Monday 110! Tuesday will start cooling down again.

Excessive Heat Warning!

Every bird is in the house now!

I love my aviaries but when it gets HOT they come in! I don't care how crowded it is. They are safe!

Thank you!