He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Friday, August 22, 2014

Home For Sale With Aviary ....May It Be The Future!

     Good Afternoon! I have some good news to share! But first I think I better make sure you all know that I have been working for the last year at Adobe Country Realty in Jurupa Valley CA. Yes! I am a Realtor!

     I know Riverside! And Orange County, particularly Huntington Beach...I spread my wings in both places as I live in both. Let me explain. My Mother lives in Huntington Beach and I frequently stay there with her. I have my room and sometimes even bring the birds in with me. I grew up there!

     In fact I took Peaches with me just last week! She loves traveling in the car with me! So as we were getting food for my Mom (KFC) we took the Coastal Route and stopped by the pier for a moment to gaze. People everywhere! She was enjoying!

    To get back on track....I know birds and real estate. When I grew up in Huntington Beach there was land and places where horses could go. Be ridden or set on to run! You won't find that there anymore! I am a believer in horses being able to run in large arena and buck, kick, whinny, and let loose! I do that with my horses here at a  local arena around corner. There are a few available! One in Sky Country homes which I am going to be sharing with you. For now I am explaining land. Riverside has land and is based in my area around horses. Lots of people have areas in which to let there horses kick their heels!

     As you know I have my aviaries and several based around my large aviary. For my birds to per say kick there wings lol...I see it everyday where my birds do this! So I promote aviary life!!!!! And if you ever did buy here I and my husband would be happy to help you with any of your aviary needs if you got one or more!

     I have to share this home on my blog! I only hope there will be more that have aviaries someday that I can share! Enjoy my video! And please if you have any real estate needs I can help with please call me! Barbara Saunders 951-334-0919

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Typical Day of Birds Being Out In Aviaries!

 First picture is Phil taking a bath on the highest perch in aviary. That stick is the favorite with most all the birds. A line up of Chili, Daphne, Ronnie, and Goofin. They all look out the aviary towards the sky. Also some preening between Goofin and Daphne. Chili tries but they fly away! Then Daphne will go to Ronnie when done with Goofin.
Rose and Ruby have their spot in aviary.  
Daphne, Phil, Ronnie and Starion. Phil has a crush on Starion!
Somedays I take my notebook out in aviary and work...Daphne joining me! 
That favorite Perch with Starion after bath and her loving Phil right behind her! Goofin and Chili still bathing!

Starion and Ronnie bathing! 
Chili still bathing comes to the shower and hangs from the wire. Got to get under those wings! 
Peaches was in aviary with Rose and Ruby. Get me outa here!!! 
Tofu hanging on the outside of boys Gus, Gilly and Gabes aviaries. He climbed that small tree to hang out. 
Daphne nap time after such a rough morning! 
Boys Bathing! Gus! 
Look in back of Daphne! Goofin is bathing on that favorite perch! 
 All my birds have wings to fly with and are recall trained. Sometimes they all fly to me when asked and sometimes they don't. They walk. to me via ground. They all go outside everyday !

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014



Respect is a positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or other entity (such as a nation or a religion), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. Respect can be a specific feeling of regard for the actual qualities of the one respected (e.g., "I have great respect for her judgment"). It can also be conduct in accord with a specific ethic of respect. Rude conduct is usually considered to indicate a lack of respect, disrespect, whereas actions that honor somebody or something indicate respect. Specific ethics of respect are of fundamental importance to various cultures. Respect for tradition and legitimate authority is identified by Jonathan Haidt, a professor at the New York University Stern School of Business, as one of five fundamental moral values shared to a greater or lesser degree by different societies and individuals.[1]
Respect can be both given and/or received. Depending on an individual's cultural reference frame, respect can be something that is earned. Respect is often thought of as earned or built over time. Often, continued caring interactions are required to maintain or increase feelings of respect among individuals. Chivalry, by some definitions, contains the outward display of respect.
Respect should not be confused with tolerance.

RESPECT! I get it, not to be confused with tolerance.

With having so many birds I respect each and every one of them. In particular Fred my "wild" corella. I have had him for years now, approximately 7? When I got him he was flighted and wild and still is to a certain point. Let me explain....I never clipped him and it took a lot of rewards to get him to like me. He does, a lot! But I have to keep up with him or else! The or else is he gets mad and will fly and bite me. Believe me he cuts like a knife and is dangerous. I haven't had the time to spend with him alone like I have done for years. This has been since I started working again in Real Estate the last year. To have Fred out I "RESPECT" him and how he may just be MAD at me. I watch as I walk by him to see if he is going to fly attack....He doesn't! But he has!

Recently we took his home away from him too. His large aviary connected to house. We had to move it along with two others and connect to aviary for time being. So we can termite house and fix patio. He can't live out there and has come into house living in a small cage :(. He has taken to it ok....I think I am taking it worse then him. He will eventually get his large aviary back!

Today is Friday and he is going to spend most the day out with me! All the other birds are out in aviaries and it's just me and him! I can't put him with other birds by the way...I just don't trust him as he has attacked Daphne, Chili  and will hurt the other birds! I only one I really trust him with is Tofu. He just has a fixation on Tofu like no other!

At first when I let him out of his cage I was nervous...Them bites come quick and hurt! I sat at my computer and he flew over and wanted to be preened. Oh my Fred I miss you! Sat on my knee and really let me take care of him. Didn't take long and he decided he wanted to go to window and just be on his favorite stand. He stretched his wings going up and down, up and down...Usually meaning he is going to fly furiously around house. Not yet! I got to get up and clean house. I am so glad to see my Fred out with me! Oh the title! RESPECT! I have a great respect of my wild bird Fred!

When I got him at the bird farm they wanted to clip him because he was a "wild bird". He wouldn't of been able to earn my respect if I had done that... 
Fred decided he wanted to join the other's outside!

Thank you!