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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Love is in the air!

Love is in the air! Cockatoo love that is! Watching the moluccans Tofu and Peaches this morning with Daphne ducorps. No pictures or video. But the circle of them to shared to your imagination.
First I let Peaches out. She trots over to me every morning just to sit quietly on my lap. After a while I let Tofu out, he eats. Then suddenly Peaches will jolt her body towards him. Looking afar from my desk in middle of room. I set her and trots over to Tofu. They then preen and enjoy eachothers company for a long time. Then I will hear Peaches trotting my again to come to me and look up asking to get back on my knee. OK!

So then I let Daphne out. She flies over to Tofu and they muatally preen eachother. It goes on for awhile and Daphne takes to my cabinets. ERGGGGGG! She gets back on cage with Tofu and stays there. I gave something to make her happy and stay there. But she gets bored quick. It's working though. 

Peaches on my lap. She's gotta to get back to Tofu and now Daphne. Peaches, Tofu, and Daphne take turns preening eachother for quite sometime!

Daphne goes for cabinet again. ERG! We just built a new aviary adjacent to bathroom door for easy access. All the other birds are out there except Fred. Daphne your going outside :).

Love My Aviaries!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Blast from the Past! Gus, Gilly, and Gabe First Time In Big Aviary!

Going through my Youtube's and found this one! Gus, Gilly and Gabe first time in Big Aviary. Just adorable! They don't know how to fly in the big space. They do now!


Maybe today Desi will join them? It will be a fist time. What will happen? I have seen Gabe hunt down Daphne in aviary. And he's my little guy of the three :).

As a matter of fact they are going to be in it in about half hour. First need to feed them. Dawn is gone and morining light is here. Breakfast is on it's way and then a day of play!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Love These Photos!


Love these photos!

Chili and the Boys in the Big Aviary

     I am going back in time this morning. I have lost a few years sharing my birds and the aviaries. Been busy spending as much time as I could with parents while they were alive. They are gone now and I am very happy I did. No regrets. They lived in Huntington Beach Ca and while I was there I took the birds in quite a few times. I'll be sharing those visits someday. Today I am going through my 2011 pictures and video and thought I would share Chili and the Boys in the Big Aviary.

     Chili came to me December 2008 at four years old with no wings or tail. He grew them out and while he was doing that he learned to fly up, down, to me and all around. Apparently he learned very well. I have gone back in pictures and video and landed on this one I think I will share today. You be the judge when Chili meets the Boys for the first time in Big Aviary.

 The Boys are the galahs Gus, Gilly and Gabe. No they how to fly and recall too. I had been training them for about a year. I thought this day I would introduce them in Big Aviary together. All boys. Australian. They have gotten to know eachother with wire between them. Let's see!

I always have a plan if it didn't work out. And it didn't. Luckily the Boys had learned to fly from Big Aviary to open door to long double door entry to the small aviary they have been sharing. Chili was relentless!

Birds do not always get along. Many more stories. That's why I have so many aviaries. You would think with the Big Aviary there would be plenty of room. NOT!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It Didn't Happen Overnight.

Do you ever want to write a book about your life? 
This is one thing I do.  
It didn't happen overnight.
I have trained 15+ birds in my aviary growing out the wings and tails. Learning to fly to my hand. Up, down. to me and away from me. In wind, storms and harsh environments on purpose.

Because just knowing how to fly isn't good enough to me.

You see if Daphne ducorp's didn't know how to fly I do believe when she got out and crows chased her she wouldn't of had a chance. She outflew 10 crows that day and spent the night out and flew back to me the next day in tree. I have never shared that story and many others. I need to write a book.

 Or get moving on my blog sharing experiences.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tofu, Fred and Me Update!

Hi All! I haven't forgotten about my blog. But you probably forgot about it. Please stay tuned as I will be sharing once again. Tofu my moluccan mutilator and all my other birds have been keeping me quite busy. And three houses I have been renovating. Just a update with Tofu and Fred bare-eyed. We still spend time together but not as much as we use too. We hang out with me in the house lately.

Tofu likes being in house. 
Chasing vacunm and a Hootin and Hollaring!


He still does go outside, when he wants too. When I am at home he will walk up to door and ask to go outside. Sometimes he roams the whole yard and sometimes just goes out to enjoy the sun on perch. 

I also wanted to share this!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yesterday I went to the birdfarm!

That's right! I went to the birdfarm yesterday. Magnolia birdfarm in Riverside CA. I frequent it at least every two months to get bird seed, pellets, toys, rope, dried fruit. This place back the day I got bird or two I thought I would give a good home too. Let's see I got Phil Philippine Blue Nape Parrot, Fred bare-eyed (corella), Ronnie galah. I rescued the Citron also from there and sent to to new home in Nevada..I have been going here for a long time. Oh I got Peaches there too! I guess I am going to have to share stories. Right now I share a few pictures and video of my day yesterday. 


The Hyacinth is owned by Frank and Lori. They own the birdfarm and have pretty good friends with me. He/She  is a shy.......Very beautiful and loving. If you go there you can pet in the aviary section. 
So the guy said he would stick his tongue out and below picture he did! Beautiful 25 year old Hybrid for sale. He needs a good home.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Tofu is getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Christmas time, a time of joy! Of course we want to feel that joy too! 
I haven't taken birds out in awhile and really have missed it. I wanted to feel the joy of Christmas with my bird family. Unfortunately I couldn't take a lot of them out because it has been so long. They have to be reintroduced and trained again. I just haven't had time for it. Of course they always have their avairies. This day was a planned day, on December 24th (Christmas Eve Day) for Tofu to come out with us. Walking and sitting around the Mission Inn in Riverside during the Festival Of Lights! Only we will be going out during the day with him. Were in search of Pet Friendly restaurants. We found several with outdoor seating.   
The Upper Crust! The owner their was very kind and made us feel very welcome!
Molino's Coffee House across street from Mission Inn! Only we sat outside with Tofu. You will see that in the short video I made. I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas!

Thank you!