He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Friday, September 5, 2014

Daphne Ducorps Flies to Safety

Daphne "Lake Tahoe"hike....She has always liked my head.

This morning! Like every morning something happens with the birds that I really want to share but I never get around to it! As you all know I am all about sharing my flighted birds, This morning is about Daphne Ducorps. You know her history from her birthday post and how she has always had her wings. She uses them in so many ways. This morning I am fixing her breakfast and the others. She is hanging out with me in kitchen on the refrigerator eating her breakfast. Suddenly she flies to my head. A favorite spot for her! She is irritated though as I have a rubber band in my hair. You have to imagine her ripping at it and then breaking it. She's happy now! UNTIL!

She hears the other birds out in aviaries. It is a invader in the yard! Could be the Coopers, Crows or a Person. Doesn't matter at this point. She is off my head and flying down the hallway landing upon her mirror in dark spot with walls all around her. Her crest is up and she is alert! But she is safe! She stays there till she knows that the other birds are all safe and she can now fly back to my head :). What would she do without her wings?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home For Sale With Aviary ....May It Be The Future!

     Good Afternoon! I have some good news to share! But first I think I better make sure you all know that I have been working for the last year at Adobe Country Realty in Jurupa Valley CA. Yes! I am a Realtor!

     I know Riverside! And Orange County, particularly Huntington Beach...I spread my wings in both places as I live in both. Let me explain. My Mother lives in Huntington Beach and I frequently stay there with her. I have my room and sometimes even bring the birds in with me. I grew up there!

     In fact I took Peaches with me just last week! She loves traveling in the car with me! So as we were getting food for my Mom (KFC) we took the Coastal Route and stopped by the pier for a moment to gaze. People everywhere! She was enjoying!

    To get back on track....I know birds and real estate. When I grew up in Huntington Beach there was land and places where horses could go. Be ridden or set on to run! You won't find that there anymore! I am a believer in horses being able to run in large arena and buck, kick, whinny, and let loose! I do that with my horses here at a  local arena around corner. There are a few available! One in Sky Country homes which I am going to be sharing with you. For now I am explaining land. Riverside has land and is based in my area around horses. Lots of people have areas in which to let there horses kick their heels!

     As you know I have my aviaries and several based around my large aviary. For my birds to per say kick there wings lol...I see it everyday where my birds do this! So I promote aviary life!!!!! And if you ever did buy here I and my husband would be happy to help you with any of your aviary needs if you got one or more!

     I have to share this home on my blog! I only hope there will be more that have aviaries someday that I can share! Enjoy my video! And please if you have any real estate needs I can help with please call me! Barbara Saunders 951-334-0919

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tofu Joins Me! Peaches Joins Him! It's a bath day!

All birds are outside this morning in the aviaries! I pulled all the cages out of the bird room to clean the bird room. I am going clean the cages good with hose and Tofu is joining me on the top of one of those cages.

I also have some good news about Tofu! It's been a week and he has only had the neck collar on and has been real good about not mutilating or plucking. Today is bath day for all the birds I hope he joins in! Love my Tofu!

Peaches joins Tofu today!

Look way back and you can see Tofu and Peaches in Aviary #5!

What a wonderful day for bathes! All my other birds dived right in to taking their bathes. When I say "dived" that can mean flew to the mist of hose, walked along wire, walked on branches or even walked on ground to get bathed! Today Tofu and Peaches showed no signs of wanting a bath as I offered. Maybe next time!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Typical Day of Birds Being Out In Aviaries!

 First picture is Phil taking a bath on the highest perch in aviary. That stick is the favorite with most all the birds. A line up of Chili, Daphne, Ronnie, and Goofin. They all look out the aviary towards the sky. Also some preening between Goofin and Daphne. Chili tries but they fly away! Then Daphne will go to Ronnie when done with Goofin.
Rose and Ruby have their spot in aviary.  
Daphne, Phil, Ronnie and Starion. Phil has a crush on Starion!
Somedays I take my notebook out in aviary and work...Daphne joining me! 
That favorite Perch with Starion after bath and her loving Phil right behind her! Goofin and Chili still bathing!

Starion and Ronnie bathing! 

Chili still bathing comes to the shower and hangs from the wire. Got to get under those wings! 
Peaches was in aviary with Rose and Ruby. Get me outa here!!! 
Tofu hanging on the outside of boys Gus, Gilly and Gabes aviaries. He climbed that small tree to hang out. 
Daphne nap time after such a rough morning! 
Boys Bathing! Gus! 
Look in back of Daphne! Goofin is bathing on that favorite perch! 
 All my birds have wings to fly with and are recall trained. Sometimes they all fly to me when asked and sometimes they don't. They walk. to me via ground. They all go outside everyday !

Thank you!